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Wowww I've been neglecting my DA, sorry everyone! There's been a a lot going on I'll try and work toward updating as I work on new cosplays for this year as well as new photography, just might be rolling out slowly for a bit!
So this was my first year at Sac Anime and I was excited to see how this con was since I hear so much about it from other friends that usually go. Have to say it was a somewhat interesting experience though. First off let me start out by saying I did have a great time hanging out with my friends, they're honestly what make a break a con for me and they definitely did make this one worth going to even though I probably will not be attending this convention in the future. 

The main intent of this con was to get an autograph and attend a panel from Michael Tatum since I really love the Black Butler english dub regardless of the fandom disliking "inaccurate accents". That's okay, because watching a British based anime makes so much more sense to watch in Japanese. But I managed to get an autograph from him because I have the best friends ever who waited in line for hours before on Saturday and called to let us know to meet up with them and sit with them, we were pretty much the first people in line was great! Sadly did miss the panel he did that morning since we didn't arrive until it pretty much started, but regardless I was happy to get him to sign the Sebastian voodoo doll I had made based off the one in the opening and get a picture with him in r-shitei Grell~

I also had a great time at the ball just talking to people while my friends had fun dancing with each other and other people they met there. Personally I am not comfortable with dancing so I'd brought a camera to try and take pictures but the lights were so dark I just ended up sitting and chatting with whoever came over to talk. Was great though I had fun!

Anyway there are a few things at this con that bothered me...

I've never been to a convention that had so many... umm... creepy photographers wandering around. And I really wish it was limited to just photographers, but it expanded to just some creepy people in general. Never have I had so many issues with people taking my photo without asking, and when I say that I mean people who literally would walk by and take a shot while moving without stopping. This isn't to say I've never had problems with it before, frankly I do at every con from a few people, but there seemed to be more at this one. I mean my Grell cosplay gets some creepers in general just from the nature of the costume but I was getting creepy shots from guys and even a mother with kids next to her. I mean really? It was just creepy and made me feel rather uncomfortable when someone pointed out to me that a person just took a picture behind of me. It's just so incredibly disrespectful to the point I didn't feel like cosplaying the next day because it was my Blackrock Shooter!Maka and I just felt like it was going to be a repeat or even worse of the day before.

To return to my remark on just creeps in general can I please make a general statement that conventions are not your pickup spots. Just because you see a girl, or even a guy, that you think is cute or w/e does not mean that you should assume they're single and continually hit on them. I had several people approach me that I had no issues with brushing off, but there were a few that did the same to my friend rooming with me and she was not comfortable with it. Do people even realize at cons people can look super young or older than they actually are??? Stop assuming someone is older just off what they look like or are wearing, it's not appropriate that you think someone is 21 and the reality of it is that they're only like 16 or something. Its not okay to do that. If you really are interested in someone go make friends with them, once you get to know them past appearance then you'll know whether or  not you still think they're someone you want to try and flirt with. How that is not already common sense is beyond me, but please knock it off with just instantly going up and flirting with someone do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is trying to figure out how to slip something into a convo to make it apparent that you're either A) not interested, B) are pretty sure they think you're older than you are, and C) already are interested/dating someone else.

The other thing is that I've never been to a convention that had not only so many obviously drunk attendees but just in an area that was in the middle of an area that had a lot of drunks in the city wandering around at night. I mean I feel like I started going into a mama bear mode almost when we were out on Saturday night. Pretty sure the street behind the convention center, K street I believe, had a bar or two and my friends in the room said even when they went to pick up pizza they got carded at the door and had to wait outside due to it being a bar. We went back to the room after the ball around midnight-1am range and everyone we passed by just made me feel incredibly uncomfortable since we were dressed in formal attire and got several looks on the way back. It just had me incredibly on edge the entire way back to the room.

I just don't feel like this is a con I really want to attend in the future unless there are enough friends to convince me otherwise, the atmosphere was just something I'm not really alright with being around. So I will probably go looking into finding a new con to attend for next year! This was the second convention this year that I added to a "check out a new con" I try and do every year and sadly it along with Japan Expo did not make the right cuts for being conventions that I add to my permanent list.

I'm Alive!

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 7, 2013, 4:21 PM
Have been for a while just kinda lurking around here and there since I've not had much to put up. But I wanted to post that I will be attending Sac Anime for the first time this year! Will be there Saturday and Sunday only though due to my cat being sick, I'm not really able to stay away from him for very long :(

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A: No, none of my photography is stock. Asking will not receive a different answer as I really would rather not have my work used in other places.
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A: No, all of my costumes to date are bought either from sellers or commissioned on their own. I never will take credit for a costume that I didn't sew, I may not post it under every single image as to where the costume was bought from but that does not mean I claim credit for them.

The only costume that I take a fair amount of credit on is Beast in that there are a good amount of alterations done to it already and several more to come, you can consider it more a base that has been added to if anything. Maka was pieced together from separate places, Ciel was bought from an online store and Grell (along with Beast's wig) were commissioned from RedYume.

Q: Did you make your props?
A: Yes, all of my props are hand made by me.

Q: What kind of commission work do you do?
A: I mostly take commissions for laser cut badges that can be found in my gallery, occasionally though I do take up a prop commission from friends.

Q: What groups are you in?
A: I do a few collaborations with :devsencha-productions: but for the most part I'm a rather individual cosplayer.

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A: Well I am not going to report or flag as spam if you do, but I'd much prefer you don't :)

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